Sizing Help

Sizing Help

I know you want to give her the perfect gift that she will love & wear right out of the beautifully wrapped box. If you don't already know which necklace length & pendant size to go with, here are some simple tips to consider:

Necklace Length

If you are able to measure the chain of one of her frequently worn necklaces from one chain end to the other, that will give you a good indication of which length to order. All milestone necklaces are adjustable by 2 inches, so if her current favorite necklace measures 18", you will probably want to go with 18"-20"(adjustable) to give her versatility.

Pendant Size

  • How will the recipient will wear the necklace? For example, does she typically layer necklaces with pendants over clothing, or wear them at or near the neckline?
The Minimalist & Mid Size options are best for everyday style, worn at the neckline while the Bold designs are the best option as longer necklaces & layering over clothing.
  • What size pendants or charms do you see her wear more frequently?
I've made 3 pendant sizes for each decade for you to choose from. See each listing for specific measurements. For example, here are the details of the 70th designs:

Minimalist (7/8") - the lightest, elegant pendant

Mid Size - (1") - a slight bit heavier pendant, still perfect for every day

Bold - (1 3/8") - a more stately pendant on a slightly heavier chain, lovely worn at longer lengths over clothing & perfect for someone who prefers bold, statement style jewelry

Bottom Line

If you have limited access to any of this information, I always recommend the Mid Size pendants at the 18"-20" length. If the recipient doesn't typically wear much jewelry, I recommend the Minimalists as they are light & easy to wear casually. 

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