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Rainbow Connection Necklace

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You know that feeling you get when you think of your free-hearted connection to someone you love? Let’s keep that good stuff alive! Wear this Connection Necklace as a reminder that transports you to that deep heart-smile place, to the connection between that is always within. Two strong, equally sized & organically shaped silver circles are intertwined & elegantly accented with a rainbow of genuine gemstones - amethyst (purple), lapis (blue), emerald (green), citrine (yellow), carnelian (orange), and garnet (red). Both circles are given a sparkly hammered texture.

✦ Circles are approximately 3/4", and have a hammered finish that adds shine & sparkle to the necklace.

✦ Gemstones are 4mm.

✦ All metal is bright sterling silver.

✦ Lobster Clasp Closure

✦ Select your preferred length in the drop-down menu.