What is a Milestone Celebration?

What is a Milestone Celebration?

While most people gift milestone jewelry for decade birthdays, it is also sought out for other significant celebrations. Anniversaries (with the rings symbolizing years or decades), family size, and friendships are at the top of the list. Some want a tiny touchstone to remind themselves of something - to take 3 deep breaths, or that they have come a long way & there is a number connected with that progress - or that they are one of a special group of 5 friends. 

Milestone Celebration Examples:

Decade Birthdays

20th Birthday   30th Birthday   40th Birthday   50th Birthday
60th Birthday  70th Birthday   80th Birthday   90th Birthday

Anniversaries   Number of Children   Friendship   Sisters   Bridesmaids   Family Connection   Touchstone or Talisman   Commitment   Group Connection   Years of Action or Participation   Sentimental Number   Remembrance     Generations   Big Goals & Accomplishments 

The wide selection of milestone necklaces at Amy Friend Jewelry are handcrafted one at a time (each slightly unique, like fingerprints) with quality materials that will last a lifetime. They are designed with a flattering & fun style, with each iteration going through weeks of testing before showing up in the shop.

Thank you for letting me create your meaningful milestone jewelry. I hope it brings joy to you & your loved ones!

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