Hi, it's me, Amy Friend.

Here I am in my happy place just thinking about new jewelry designs! I opened shop in 2008 after a previous career as a social worker & right after my son was born. It's been a wild ride, but I love waking up to this little business every morning. From the workbench to the hands & hearts of customers, I enjoy the process, and the connections made along the way.

Timeless Adornment for the Playful Spirit

I strive to create designs that are both meaningful & elegant, pieces that feel like good friends you want to keep around. Customers tell me that they enjoy the subtle symbolism in a piece that is also flattering & fun to wear. 

The uniquely textured & layered sparkly circles necklace is my signature design. It's a beautiful way to celebrate milestone birthdays & so much more!

Such as..

♥ Anniversaries

♥ Numbers - Family, Friends, Sisters, Bridesmaids, and other connections.

♥ Generations

♥ Big Goals & Accomplishments

Years of Dedication & Action

I focus on the details & quality so you can focus on giving a wonderful gift to someone you love (including yourself)!