What should I write on a Milestone Birthday card?

What should I write on a Milestone Birthday card?

Make your special gift even more meaningful with a thoughtful gift message placed on top of the gift box. Yes….but what to say? Sometimes we know exactly what to write -and sometimes, no matter how sweet the occasion, or maybe because it’s a milestone - we are stumped.

No worries! I have created a small Pinterest board of quick links that will help you articulate your thoughts more succinctly. Copy & paste or just get the sparks flying to write your own so you can top your special gift with a personal finishing touch that makes the gift so special!

Click here for a treasure trove of ideas or copy/paste one of these popular messages:

5 Rings for 5 Amazing Decades!
Happy 50th Birthday!

Thanks for making the world a better place since 1984!
Happy 4-0!

We love you to the Moon & Back!
Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
You make 60 look good!

7 Circles for 7 Fabulous Decades
So happy to have known you for all of them!

You've reached a milestone & it's time to celebrate!
Happy big 4-0!

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